Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So I type in Hst Fresno on Google images and I stumble on this site "Woodland Shoppers Paradise" and find this post about art in Fresno. The guy who posted had found murals on this crazy Google earth map/street views of street art all over the world. Its a cool story with some fresh HDR photos. Check out the links.

"A couple days ago I drove to Fresno in search of street art. I'd spotted a couple clusters on Street Art View and figured I'd have no problem finding my way around. I've visited before - somewhat notoriously back in '01 - yet this place always seems so convoluted to me.
Once I again I found myself cruising Fresno's streets, trying to make sense of a place I barely know. I worked a few main boulevards, finding lots of walls whose graffiti had been whitewashed away. Fresno is clearly struggling to contain its taggers. And who can blame them? The difference between street art and vandalism can be difficult to discern..."       
                        -Andrew Wood

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